Fair Use and Take Down Requests

Fair Use: These recordings are being shared strictly for educational, research, and non-commercial purposes. No money is being made off these recordings and all work is being done (for the time being) as part of my funded SSHRC-funded PhD research at Memorial University. If you would like to use the contents on this site (including writing, photos, and archival recordings) in your own projects, please let us know so we can discuss terms.

Take Down: I try my utmost to ask permission of living artists to share their music on this blog, whether the recordings were made by myself or others. Sometimes this is easier (e.g. when the person still lives in Gaspé or I know a relative). Other times, it is more difficult (say if no one seems to remember one of the musicians on a tape). It’s also possible that I’ll simply make a mistake. If you feel like there is something on here that shouldn’t be for any reason, please let me know using the form and we’ll discuss it’s possible removal from this website.