“It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” – St. Patrick’s Day With Leo Fitzpatrick (1981 & 2007)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day dear readers, As much as this is a day for celebration for many in Gaspé and beyond, today I would like to pay a little homage to one of the longest supporters of Irish culture around Gaspé, Leo Fitzpatrick, who passed away last month. I’ll try not to make this too … More “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” – St. Patrick’s Day With Leo Fitzpatrick (1981 & 2007)

Snow Flurries – A Keith Chicoyne Original

About a month ago I left Gaspé and headed back to St. John’s, Newfoundland where I’m finishing my PhD at Memorial. As much as I’m enjoying the special holiday atmosphere here, with plenty of local traditions, visits, potlucks, and music, I can’t help but miss Gaspé and the people with whom I developed close friendships … More Snow Flurries – A Keith Chicoyne Original

The Sands Of Haldimand

Today, when there’s a freezing blizzard outside, there’s nothing like thinking about Haldimand beach on a scorching hot, humid day in early September, right? Don’t worry, seasonal music is on the way in the coming weeks! But today, I’m very pleased to share with you a bit of collaborative writing that Vicki Boyle LePage and I … More The Sands Of Haldimand

The Gaspé Project: Folk-Rock From the Gaspé Coast

Following a recent SPEC article by Wendy Dawson about our archives, I was contacted by one of their other regular journalists, Thierry Haroun, who was curious if we would be interested in his recent musical project called, appropriately, “The Gaspé Project.” Last Thursday, I interviewed Thierry over the phone about this project which includes nineteen original … More The Gaspé Project: Folk-Rock From the Gaspé Coast

The Gaspé Reel

It’s a rainy day today here in Gaspé so I put a fire on here and decided to listen to a reel of tape that Brian Morris loaned me last spring. It features a dub of a great out-of-print vinyl of acoustic fingerstyle guitar music on side A; then, fifteen minutes into side B (which … More The Gaspé Reel

Uncle Norman’s Folly – A Keith Chicoyne Original Song

While much of Gaspé’s population is in the woods this week moose hunting, I spent this rainy Tuesday catching up on tapes I’d been meaning to transfer to the computer for awhile. Several Barachois residents have recently loaned me tapes of the late Keith Chicoyne who passed away last December and I decided to spend the … More Uncle Norman’s Folly – A Keith Chicoyne Original Song

Old Songs From MaryEllen

Here’s a lovely recording that I digitized last year from one of Joseph Drody’s tapes, labelled simply, “Old Songs From MaryEllen.” It features Joseph’s sister MaryEllen Drody-Savidant singing a selection of of old folk, country, and sentimental songs as well as picking a few lively fiddle tunes on the mandolin. MaryEllen is joined by her daughter Debbie … More Old Songs From MaryEllen