Gérard Durette at the Wakeham-York Homecoming Fiddle Contest

… perhaps the most significant phenomenon in the English-speaking community was the 10-day Wakeham-York Homecoming Festival which ran for 25 years starting in 1978. I’ll say more about the festival in future posts but for now, I want to note that it has been both interesting but also very complicated trying to write about something I never experienced myself (I began coming to Gaspé about six years after the festival folded). Still, many people talk about the festival and I want to give it its due when I write about it. I’ll return to this topic at the end of the post. … More Gérard Durette at the Wakeham-York Homecoming Fiddle Contest

Uncle Peter’s Tune

I just shared some fine old-time Gaspesian fiddling on our sister blog (Old-Time Fiddle Music From the Gaspé Coast). It features two fine fiddlers, Erskine Morris and Kingsley Marion, both playing this captivating stepdance tune that was once perhaps in wide circulation in the area. Here is the link to the music. If you know … More Uncle Peter’s Tune