Erskine and Brian Morris – 1985 Cambridge Tape

Back in 2010, Brian Morris and I started a project documenting the fiddle music of his father, the late Erskine Morris (1913-1997) from Douglastown. Erskine’s music was my introduction to Gaspesian culture and has been my main source of musical inspiration for the past six years. Since we began working together, Brian has transferred about … More Erskine and Brian Morris – 1985 Cambridge Tape

Uncle Peter’s Tune

I just shared some fine old-time Gaspesian fiddling on our sister blog (Old-Time Fiddle Music From the Gaspé Coast). It features two fine fiddlers, Erskine Morris and Kingsley Marion, both playing this captivating stepdance tune that was once perhaps in wide circulation in the area. Here is the link to the music. If you know … More Uncle Peter’s Tune