Gaspé Veteran Stories – The Memory Project

There were some wonderful Remembrance (Armistice) Day ceremonies around Gaspé on Wednesday, beginning with an ecumenical mass in Douglastown, and followed by a ceremony at the cenotaph near the bridge in the town of Gaspé. Many from the Gaspé Coast served during 20th and 21st century conflicts and the memory of those who fell, those who returned, and the difficult times is still very much alive in the area. There was a special bond of community felt for those who gathered and I was happy to see that many people out here take the time out of their day to honour our veterans.

I noticed some posts on Facebook from people in Gaspé sharing audio from a very interesting initiative run by the Federal Government to share stories of Canada’s  war veterans. It’s called “The Memory Project.” There is a search bar and I entered “Gaspe” and found a dozen or so oral history interviews with veterans from the area. There are some amazing stories and I encourage you to spend some time with them. Here is the link:

Gaspé Veterans’ Stories

Below are some pictures of the ceremony held at the cenotaph.

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