What’s in our archives? The GCSA Performer Index

One of Leo's tape catalogue cahiers.

One of Leo Fitzpatrick’s tape catalogue cahiers.

On several occasions Leo Fitzpatrick has told me that through the years, when he would meet nephews, nieces and other relatives of people he had recorded and mention that he had a recording of their family member, they were often unaware that their relatives even sang or played music. Part of my job is to ensure that community is aware what music is available to them through the archives I’m setting up with Vision. I recently updated the index of performers we have in our archives. This is a summary organized by performer name and includes the genres of music they played on the tapes and the total number of recordings on which they appear.

Click Here for the Performer Index

In total, there are over 140 Gaspesian musicians across 76 separate recordings in our archives accounting for over 90 hours. Most of this material is taken from old home recordings that community members have loaned to me over the past several years. A small number of these are from live recordings I’ve made while in Gaspé since 2015. But there are many more hours of my own recordings from 2010 until the present which I have not yet catalogued into our archives. These include recordings made at festivals like the Douglastown Irish Week, Malbay Festival, Pembroke Fiddle and Stepdance Festival, and local events like amateur hours, fundraisers, and church services.

These recordings can be listened to by sending a message or calling ahead to arrange a visit to Vision’s office in Douglastown. Call 418-368-3212 or email gaspesiancommunitysound@gmail.com.

If you have a friend or family member who’s music you would like to hear (even if they don’t appear in this listing), don’t hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment.

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