Grad Song (Nash Stanley)

Nash Stanley at soundcheck, June 18, 2016 (Photo by Glenn Patterson)

Nash Stanley at soundcheck, June 18, 2016 (Photo by Glenn Patterson)

Last Saturday (June 18), I was invited by Nash Stanley and CLC coordinator Don Barclay to perform at the Gaspé Polyvalente high school graduation ceremony for the English section. He’d written this song as a surprise for his fellow graduates. Don Barlay (acoustic guitar), Richard Jalbert (bass), and myself were the backup band. Nash arrived about an hour before the ceremony to teach us the song and run over it a few times in the dressing room of the auditorium.

There were about a dozen students who walked across the stage this year. Nash’s song attests to the strong bonds formed growing up in a small place like Gaspé, especially when you go through thirteen years of school with the same dozen people. This is something difficult for me to relate to personally, having gone to a high school with thousands of students in suburban Toronto with several hundred in my cohort, most of whom I never knew. Here’s the recording I made. I’ll let Nash tell you all about it.

fonds: Glenn Patterson

Grad Song – Lyrics and Music by Nash Stanley (2016)

Verse 1

It was a long hard road we travelled on
Some days were short, but most days were long
But we made it through
One day at a time

Here we stand together today
I never thought I’d have the chance to say
I had friends like you
That made each day shine

As we’re walking off the stage
We know it’s time to turn the page


Thirteen years can pass so fast
Makes you wanna go back and make it last
And appreciate
all the good times that we had

We’ve had our fun all through the years
And now it’s time to face our fears
But don’t be sad, it won’t be that bad
Now’s a time we should all be glad

This is our grad

Verse 2

We won’t see each other each day
‘cause we’re going our separate ways
But that don’t mean we won’t talk
Every now and then

We didn’t always get along
But that’s what keeps our friendship strong
And I believe we’ll be friends
Straight ‘til the end

Thanks to the staff who stayed by our side
Through the ups and downs in our lives

Chorus (Repeat)


Hang on for a bumpy ride
Down the highway we call life
Hard times we’ll have our share
But in the end our friends will be there

Chorus (Repeat – End)

2 thoughts on “Grad Song (Nash Stanley)

  1. Awesome Nash .Be proud and stand tall you and your friends have your lives in front of you . Hard times will be part of it but mostly for you and your friends I see success .


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